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Quantity Surveying Services and Cost Management
“To forecast, manage and implement construction cost and contract procedures with the design team to achieve the aims of the Client Brief”.
Cost Planning

Liase with Client and designers, attend design team meetings;

Attend project review meetings;

Prepare and develop preliminary cost plan;

Monitor cost implications during detailed design stage;

Consider and advise cost implications of alternative design solutions;

Maintain and develop cost plan and prepare reports at regular intervals;

Advise on effect of market conditions.

Tender and Contractual Arrangements

In conjunction with the Client’s legal advisers, review and report upon existing contractual arrangements and provide strategic contractual advise on overall project objectives, advise on suitable tendering and contractual arrangements for completion works taking into account the Client’s priorities and the level of information available from other members of the project team;

Advise on contractual insurance responsibilities including liaison with the Client’s insurance advisers;

In conjunction with the Client’s legal advisers, advise on warranties where specialist design needs are incorporated in a contract;

In conjunction with the Client’s legal advisers, advise on bonds for due performance and other purposes.

Tender and Contract Documentation

In conjunction with other members of the project team prepare tender/contract documentation and provide copies as required;

Advise on amendments to standard forms of contract or draft special forms to meet particular requirements including liasing with Client’s legal advisers;

Advise on prospective tenderers/contractors for negotiation, prepare shortlist and, if required, recommend suitable contractors for consideration by Client and designer;

Investigate prospective tenderers and report thereon.

Tender Action

Issue documentation and receive tender submissions;

Coordinate responses to tenderers’ enquiries;

Prepare report on tenders incorporating full technical analyses with appropriate recommendations;

Draft letter(s) of intent;

Draw up the necessary forms of contract. Obtain the contract drawings from other members of the project team. Organise execution of Contract Documentation.

Cost Management and Reporting

Attend site meetings and project review meetings;

Advise upon consultants appointments, receive and account fee applications for payment;

Prepare cost reports upon all project costs in agreed format at specified intervals, including the following: -

    Cost check on design development before issue of drawings and other information
    under terms of contract;
    Providing ‘early warming’ advise on any matters likely to affect the project budget or
    Instructions issued by the architect or engineer;
    Any matter having financial implications which may arise from attendance at meetings,
    site visits, correspondence, etc;
    Changes in legislation;
    Financial implications of changes in design and/or specification;
    Financial implications of delays, extensions of time, acceleration or disruption;

Interim Payment and Accounting

Prepare recommendations for interim payments to contractors;

Prepare and, if appropriate, negotiate the settlement of the final account;

Assist in the drafting of special forms of agreement relating to the completion of the project and financial settlement.

Project Management
The management, on behalf of our Client, of the entire process necessary for the procurement, design and construction of a project from briefing through to commissioning and occupation, taking into account the clients requirements in respect of aesthetics, quality, cost, time etc.
Principal Agency
The administration of the construction processes on behalf of our client from inception to completion.

Principal agency includes the following:-

    Arranging, attending and keeping minutes of meetings

    Preparing Contract Documents for signing and safe keeping of the same

    Handing-over of the site and determining boundary beacons, etc

    Nominating and selecting Sub-Contractors in terms of the construction agreement

    Administering the Contract in terms of the relevant construction agreement

    Issuing instructions (variations), payments certificates, financial statements and     certificates of completion prepared by others and notifying those concerned about the     status of their involvement

    Deciding on extension of construction period and administration of penalties

    Determining disagreements, excluding services related to mediation, arbitration and     litigation

Project Monitoring
Carrying out a watching brief and financial monitoring of a project on behalf of a client

This includes the following:-

Receiving instruction from the Client to establish his requirements and advising on various courses of action and procedures to suite the particular requirements of the project;

Commenting on estimates of the project cost and financial viability studies prepared by others and providing such other cost advice as may reasonably be required;

Commenting on fee proposals submitted by consultants;

Commenting on procurement procedures prior to the calling of tenders or start of negotiations;

Commenting on tender reports and recommendations for contracts;

Commenting on financial reports and cash flow schedules;

Advising the Client on interim and final payment certificates prior to issuing;

Attending management / financial meetings;

Commenting on the financial and contractual aspects of claims between the client and the contractor;

Advising the client on the acceptability of the final account.

Quality Inspection
The Inspection to assess and report whether the works are being completed generally in accordance with the drawings and specifications.
Tenants Requirements
Evaluating tenant requirements involving separate accounting for each tenant.
Mentorship of emerging contractors as prescribed by the Department of Public Works
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